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Covid changed a lot of what we do. Since March 2020, CHIP IN has helped with 92 rent and utility payments, plus we helped with  food, clothing, transportation and other basic needs to keep families secure and safe. Thank you for all your support and kindness this year. Our normal activities and description of who we are and so thrilled kids are back in school and we can help with so much more:

We work with local service groups and individuals to help specific families when school district staff provide information. CHIP IN can make a huge difference to these students and their families, providing security, clothing, food, high school/college assistance and supplies, summer activities, social/emotional/mentor programs, furniture, transportation, gift cards, and much more. The support from our community has been overwhelming and you have all helped to make a huge difference in many students' lives.  

Our Mission

To support students/families in BPS District 101 in temporary housing situations or who are on free/reduced lunch program.  To ensure that students who are facing financial obstacles have their needs met to be successful in school and to participate in the same programs/activities as all students. 


The Plan

Each BPS101 District School has an "in-house" point person and a CHIP IN Batavia representative assigned to them. Area church groups,  Batavia Woman's Club, Kiwanis, Batavia Mother's Club, companies, and other interested groups and individuals aid the CHIP IN representative as individual needs arise at the schools. The goal is for CHIP IN to support children that have been pre-qualified by the school district by providing needed snacks, school supplies, and basic necessities that enable the opportunity to thrive and learn during the school year. This is done while preserving dignity and anonymity. We work on a case by case basis, helping students and their families with individualized needs. We move fast and as we have grown, so has our network of groups, companies, churches, and friends who are always willing to help.


CHIP IN Batavia is a restricted fund within the Batavia Foundation for Educational Excellence, a 501(c)3 organization. 100% of your donation is used for students--No one is paid to run this group, we are all volunteers. There is only 1 small administrative fee yearly to the Batavia Foundation for their help and support. 


What is a temporary housing situation?

  • Living in a shelter or motel
  • Sharing housing with relatives because you lost your housing
  • Living in a campground, car, old building or other temporary shelter
  • No permanent address

What are the rights of these families?

  • To enroll their child in school immediately, even without school or medical records
  • Get help from the district liaison with immunizations and/or medical records
  • To choose the child's previous school or school closest to where are are living now
  • Get transportation to school for their child
  • Dispute enrollment to school for their child
  • Participate in their child's education


To contact CHIP IN directly, please email us at:


For parents in need of assistance, please contact the BPS101 Community Outreach Coordinator, Amy Nelson:


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