Shop With a Cop was another success!..even with Covid. Officer Chris Pothoff organized the event for 10 families with 21 children. We set up in the Walmart parking lot and families took photos with the police, and their vehicles. CHIP IN gave them bags of gifts, wrapping paper, stockings (thank you Batavia Woman's Club and Girl Scout Troop 796). Shop with a Cop presented families with a card signed by many police/fire personnel and a gift card to Walmart to buy gifts for their family. And families took pictures with our amazing men who protect our town. Thank you to Chris and the policemen that were there. The families and CHIP IN are so very grateful. Here is to a much happier and healthier 2021!

Christmas Tree Project

A huge thank you to Troop 12 and the donors who bought 7 trees and all the deocations - stands, toppers, lights, ornaments. And another donor paid for an 8th tree. And another family donated a 9ft tree to another family! So much kindness. A special thank you to Rona Foltos and Brian Nallenweg. You made Christmas so much brighter for these families who are overjoyed. THANK YOU! Here is one of the trees!
From one family -
It’s so nice to walk into the house and smell the fresh tree. This is the best shaped tree we have ever had! The Santa ornaments are super cute! THANK YOU to ChipIn and the Boy Scouts!!!
From another family-
They did a amazing job picking out our tree! It’s so full and smells wonderful and is perfect!!!Thank you so much again!! Starting to feel like christmas! Xo
From Troop 12-
The Batavia Boy Scout tree lot is officially SOLD OUT of trees! On behalf of Troop 12, I’d like to thank everyone in the community for their support. This is our big yearly fundraiser which helps the troop operate and supports the boys with their adventures and achievements. As a troop, we feel it is important to give back to our community, as well. Troop parents and scouts partnered with Chip In Batavia to provide trees, decorations and little something extra to 7 local families this holiday season. We are thankful that the tree lot could still be open this year and we could keep the 60+ years of tradition alive. Thank you to everyone who supported the troop this year and in years past. Have a wonderful holiday season. ⛄️ Merry Christmas?


Chip again organized the "Adopt A Bag" program that supports the Batavia United Way Adopt A Family Program. We have over 140 bags being donated!!! THANK YOU to so many local groups, businesses, service organizations, and churches!!! And thank you to Batavia United Way, and Melinda Kintz, for organizing this herculean project.
BUW works with the school district to "adopt" Batavia families in need of holiday support. This amazing program provides toys, clothes, coats and other wishes and Chip In supports the program with supplies that many families need. 140 families were adopted this year, and our goal is that each will receive an Adopt A Bag and a bag of fresh produce and bread - provided by Chip In and Chip In volunteers. Chip In pays for the fresh produce bags and volunteers assemble them just before families pick up their holiday gifts.
Each bag consists of:
1 med. Laundry detergent
4 pack toilet paper
1 Box Kleenex
4 pack of bar soap
1 full size shampoo

CHIP IN bags and pays for grocery bags of fresh food!


A big Thank you to all of the ladies that helped pack, load and unload 145 bags of Woodmans fresh produce for the United Way adopt a family event! We couldn’t do it without you!! Jojo Lisberg, Mandi Moss, Michele Morris, Skylar Morris, Shelly Glanz and Barbara Theuerkauf

BHS student/grad DO GREAT THINGS!

We have a wonderful story.....An amazing BHS senior emailed CHIP IN- Lucas Fehrenbacher, offering to help in any way. And, that he had a pick up truck and could help move things. He wants to give back to "the wonderful community of Batavia. The community has supported BHS and athletics so well and for a very long time". Luke is a 3-sport athlete since Freshman year.
An hour later, Dawn  McQuillan from Lazarus House emailed us, asking for any leads on furniture and beds for several of their clients moving into homes of their own.
Another hour later, a friend sent us a message about mattresses (and other furniture) available.
CHIP IN connected them all.....2 days later,  Luke and his friend, John Halter, a BHS grad, picked up NINE mattresses, a couch and 4 chairs, in 2 pick up trucks, with 2 trips to a warehouse, and then to 3 different apartment buildings.
CHIP IN delivered a car load of bedding, small household items and kitchen items donated by Cindy Turner Morgan, Chris Whitty, CHIP IN  and others.

Bikes for Batavia will soon be delivering bikes to a mom and 4 year old too!

This literally is changing the lives of many families, and we are so grateful and so thrilled to be part of this, and to make the connections with such amazing and kind people. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!!!

Homemade masks donated to CHIP IN/BPS101

Batavia Mother’s Club made 150 masks for our students in need. Thank you so much! Amanda Horne sewed them and BMC members donated all the supplies and materials! All with adjustable elastic. They are fantastic and so well made! We are so very grateful. THANK YOU!!!  BMC also donated the table of masks below, as well, to give to families over the summer when we delivered Factor food.  And Robin Theis donated dozens of homemade masks too!!

And Carolyn Burnham, and her 17 year old daughter, Shae Burnham bought all the supplies and made/donated
82 masks for our students in need!!!  Every size, beautiful colors, & detailed sewing! THANK YOU!!!!

Factor offers CHIP IN 200-400 fresh meals EVERY week for 4 months!

Another amazing act of kindness! Factor, a locally owned company that makes fresh, fully prepared meals – Never Frozen – has donated 200-400 meals EVERY WEEK to CHIP IN families, from February through May!  We have several wonderful CHIP IN liaisons and helpers, who pick up meals each week and deliver to the homes of 10-20 families each week. Thank you to Factor, the Apostal family, and BPS101 for helping to coordinate.

These meals are fantastic, restaurant quality and healthy! Factor focuses on using only the highest-quality ingredients- grass-fed, pasture raised meats, non-GMO, free of refined sugars, soy free, gluten free and organic produce. Every meal is optimized by their team of registered dietitians and prepared by classically trained Chefs. How great does that sound!



We also deliver extras, like snacks, clothes, toys/games, face masks and more....donated by other wonderful community members and groups, like the Batavia Mothers' Club Foundation.

Thank you Nancy Taylor/Hand in Hand Preschool

May 27th was a very special day. Nancy Taylor, who ran Hand in Hand Preschool for 23 years, closed her school and offered all her classroom toys, games, puzzles, books, science materials, cookie cutters, stampers, sensory bins, puppet set, and so much more to CHIP IN. We had 5 full car loads picked up, and set it all up, for social distancing, at a home donated to us to use for the day, by Josh Chartier and Little Brothers Chicago.
Nancy wanted her 23 years of learning items to go to children in need. So, we contacted several churches, Mutual Ground, TriCity Family Services, Lazarus House, new preschool teachers, Batavia Apartments, and Batavia Apartments KinderCamp, and several special ed teachers to come shop. What a fun (and very hot!!) day! THANK YOU NANCY so very much for your kindness and generosity. SO many children will be blessed with your gifts.



Riverside Pizza offers free pizzas/delivery EVERY DAY OF THE WEEK for families

 An amazing act of kindness! Riverside Pizza in Batavia offered to donate and deliver dinner EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK to a different family indefinitely! How kind is that! Thank you Riverside Pizza and Brian Panozzo! We are so very grateful for this act of kindness.

CHIP IN receives the Spirit of Batavia award from The Batavaia Chamber of Commerce!

We are so grateful for the honor of the Spirit of Batavia award from The Chamber of Commerce!!! Thank you to the amazing volunteer liaisons and helpers that make Community Helpers Impacting People In Need so wonderful! We missed you Sue Bauer, Celeste Dalton, and our CHIP IN co-chair, Melinda Spehr Kintz. We make a great team, and with the SPIRIT OF BATAVIA and our fantastic community, we can do so much to help many students and their families. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

Some of the wonderful partners: BFEE (our administrators), so many individuals and businesses, Rotary, Chamber, Kiwanis, Women’s Club, Mother's Club, Batavia Township, Main Street, Immanuel Lutheran, churches, Lazarus House, St. Vincent de Paul, Tri City Family Services, businesses, Healing Hunger, food pantry, clothes closet, scouts, City of Batavia, Batavia Apartments, Library, police/fire departments, BPS staff, BHS football/baseball/sports teams/clubs & students, Sneaker Heartz, 3:11 Project...the list can go on and on!!!! THANK YOU!

And a HUGE congratulations to Nan Phillips, the Citizen of the Year, and a huge part of CHIP IN Batavia. We love you Nan Pope Phillips!

Shop With a Cop

Thanks to Chris Pothoff, a wonderful Batavia police officer, we had another fantastic Shop With a Cop at Walmart in Batavia.  21 students shopped with a police officer or firefighter to select gifts for their families and themselves. And another received a gift card to shop since they could not attend.  CHIP IN volunteers wrapped the gifts, Walmart provided tables, snacks and helpful staff.  So many smiles and so much fun (sorry we cannot post pictures of the children!). 

Holiday Help for Batavia United Way Adopt a Family

We put a request on facebook for Adopt a Bag, to give to each family being adopted by Batavia United Way.  We exceeded our goal in less than 24 hours.  All families will get a bag of household items.  CHIP IN will be donating a bag of fresh produce to each family.  Here is another way to help!!!

Each year Batavia Public Schools partners with Batavia United Way for the Christmas Adopt A Family program. Thanks to the generosity of Batavians, 127 families were adopted last year. The families are selected by school counselors and those most in touch with the
needs and situations of our school families. Batavia United Way matches sponsors to adopt them, coordinates wish lists, collection of donations and packaging for the families to pick up in time for the holidays.
The Batavia Woman’s Club adds another special touch, so every child receives their own Christmas stocking filled with treats. This translated into over 305 individual stockings last year! 
The Batavia Woman’s Club looks forward to organizing the stocking piece of Christmas every 
year. The kids love finding them Christmas morning and the feedback we receive is tearful and grateful. Thank you to all who donated!

Christmas Tree Project

Thanks to many local Batavia businesses and individuals, six Batavia families received a live tree and all the trimmings this Christmas as well as a grocery gift card for Christmas dinner expenses. Without the support of the below businesses (and many individual donors) this magic wouldn't be possible. Thank you to Jakie Rakers for organizing this every year!!! 

A huge thank you to the following and all the families, groups and churches making and collecting ornaments! -----

Boy Scout Troop 12 for donating 6 trees!

Aldi Inc.
Batavia Enterprises
Boyce Body Werks
Bulldog Plumbing
Daddio's Diner
Fuzzie Buddies Pet Care
Local Connect LLC
River West Family Fitness
Six + Cypress
West DuPage Cabinets and Granite

Winter Outerwear 

The weather outside is frosty.....trying to keep a supply of winter gear at schools for kids in need. We are moving fast to buy items.....if you have any extra mittens, gloves, hats, scarves, coats, snowpants or boots, we will take them!!!! Can drop off at LWS, HWS, HCS. THANK YOU!

 Halloween Costume Collection a Success!

Thank you for donating costumes to the elementary schools to give to students who don't have one. All schools collected and  distributed to where they were needed. 

THANK YOU Jeff Matter and Music Matters Yourand for your donation of $5,000 from your Summer Festival            We are so very grateful!

100 Women Who Care Donate $7,600!!

We are SO SO grateful to 100 Women Who Care who surprised us at our first meeting of the school year. You sure kept this a great secret for 2 months! We had no idea. Thank you so so much. We will use your generous donation to help a lot of students and their families. THANK YOU!!!

Thank you to the Kubb Tournament!

Thank you to George Sloan and the first ever Kubb Championship Tournament in Batavia on August 31st. They raised $300 for CHIP IN. They raised $200 from proceeds and an additional $100 from a 50/50 raffle and bought a gift card that BHS gave to a specific student in need. Thank you very much!!!! We did not know at Kubb was!!! It is an outdoor lawn game, similar to bags or horseshoes.

Brownie Troop 32 makes a big donation!

Thank you so much to Brownie Troop 32 for your $350 donation from selling cookies. As requested, we will use the funds to buy new backpacks and shoes for students at the Batavia Apartments. Thank you so very much!!

Batavia Mother's Club:  Thank you for the $2,000 Donation to help our students and families.

Rock by the Riverside: Concert event

What a fantastic concert organized by Josephine Adams for CHIP IN Batavia. All the performers were BHS students and all did an outstanding job. Thank you to all of you for your time, passion, talent and kindness. Josie- you are AMAZING - talented, smart, kind, organized and it was a complete pleasure working with you!!! And you picked the first nice evening in a long time!! Rock By The Riverside was a huge success. So far, Josie raised over $750!!

Daddio's Diner donates cookie sales to CHIP IN- $300!

August 3rd was National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!! Obsessed with Mommio’s Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies?! Well we are baking up more than we ever have for this weekend! All weekend long (Saturday 8/3 and Sunday 8/4) we are donating 100% of our cookie sales to Chip In Batavia, an organization that supports students and their families in temporary or transitioning housing situations who are experiencing the obstacles of poverty. This community has given us--a small family-owned business--so much. And we want to give back in any way that we can. We plan to partner with CHIP IN Batavia more throughout the year, so please look out for more updates.

Prom Dress 2019 Collection and Giveaway 

It was a great Prom Giveaway today! Thank you to all the volunteers and The Batavia Public Library!!! We had over 800 dresses to start. It was packed for 2 hours and then a steady stream all day. Channel 7 came and did a segment tonight! And Wayside Ministries, My Daughter’s Closet, Clothes Closet, East Aurora HS and Open Door Rehabilitation Center took hundreds of dresses. Together, we made so many girls and their families very happy!!! Not to mention the oodles of shoes, purses and jewelry. Thank you to everyone who donated. Thank you to Hi Hat Resale Shop for the 47 dresses and dozens of shoes!!!

We gave away over 300 dresses to girls.  And another 300 to local service groups to give away.  We will be back next January, collecting dresses for another giveaway day in March 2020!

Link to ABC7 Chicago prom story-…/prom-dress-giveaway-held…/5199566/

Welcome Home Baskets 

In April 2019, the  BHS Cheer team, for the 3rd year,  collected oodles of items to make Welcome Home Baskets to give families when they move into their own home. Thank you Louise VonHoff for your work and creativity to make these!  We are low on these and could use help from scout troops or clubs to put some together.  Happy to help with this in any way!

They can include:

A laundry basket filled with a shower curtain and liner, set of towels and wash cloths, hooks for shower curtain, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, laundry soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, dish soap, dish towels, dish wash cloths, hammer and nails, measuring tape.


A successful move into a new home!

December 2017: Together with St. Vincent de Paul, ReHome Center, Abbey Farms, Furniture Dollies, many donations, volunteers, 3 Batavia football players, Batavia United Way Adopt a Family, and our awesome community, we helped move a family out of a motel and into their own home.  We are thrilled to see them start new adventures in their own home.





Thanks to Chip In supporters for many kind offers and help - we were able to move our latest family from homelessness into their very own apartment home in April  They are settled, happy, beyond grateful for this second chance!
Special thanks to Batavia Woman's Club, Soul Sisters for filing in all the gaps with new and special gifts/necessities and to Pal Joeys Restaurant Batavia for sending muscle to move furniture with little notice. Also, could not do it without the Schoette's family who provided our moving truck and furniture.
Biggest thanks goes to
John Gamble and Mary Dwyer of Remax Excels for campaigning for this family with his property owners. No apartment, no miracle!
We believe this family is headed for a "happily ever after." Thank you!

Shop with a Cop 2018 Another Fun Experience!

24 BPS101 students recently had the chance to “Shop With a Cop” (or Batavia firefighter) at the Walmart Batavia - N Randall Rd. The annual "Shop With a Cop" event is organized by Batavia Police Officer Chris Potthoff and Chip In Batavia  to help families in need with holiday gifts. The students were paired up with a Batavia police officer or Batavia firefighter to help them select gifts for themselves and family members. The gifts were then wrapped by volunteers at "check out." Anne Rudd organized all the volunteers and all wrapping materials to wrap every gift and label them, too! Also during the event, families were treated to cookies and juice, compliments of Walmart. The event was a big success and created special memories for these BPS101 students and their families. Thank you Batavia Police Illinois, Batavia Fire Department,  the great volunteers and Walmart.

Jackie Rakers and Abbey Farms Deliver 5 Trees and ALL the trimmings, and More!

Batavia High School and Aurora University graduate Jackie Rakers just made the holidays extra special for five BPS101 families.

Jackie worked with Boy Scout Troop 12 to get Christmas trees to five BPS101 families in need. Additionally, Jackie coordinated with local vendors and individual donors to make sure each family had a tree stand, tree skirt, lights, ornaments, several gifts for under the tree, and gift cards from ALDI.

Thank you to the donors: Batavia Bulldog Plumbing, BEI, West DuPage Cabinets and Granite, Boyce Body Werks and ALDI!

Thank you Jackie, for putting this all  together to brighten five homes in our community this holiday season.

    Spirit Corner donates lots of Spirit Wear!

 Johnni Zabka, from Spirit Corner, has kindly donated over $1500 worth of spirit wear and PE shirts to CHIP IN!  From hoodies, to short and love sleeve shirts, glitter t-shirts for little girls, and everything in between.  Thank you so very much Johnni, for donating year after year.  Please visit SpiritCorner whenever you want spirit wear, team apparel, camp wear or clothes with bling!  They have it all.



For those who want to get involved with a project, we can use your help!  Birthday in a Bag.  These are bags of treats for students to help them enjoy a birthday party on their special day.  HWS is the mail school  supporting this, and will distribute bags to the students.   We are looking for donations of any item on the flyer, or complete bags, labeled for a boy or girl, and can have a theme if you choose...please label what the theme is. (We do have people who have offered to put together complete bags, decorations and all, if anyone wants to donate individual items to them....just email us!)  We hope this is a fun project to work on, and we know it will be a fun gift for our kids to receive.  Thank you! Please email Sue Bauer at 



Some helpful hints from those who have made several:
*bright colors  with simple treat bags work for boys and girls 
*Suggestions for boys-  Sports, super heroes, cars/trucks/trains, Star Wars
*Animal themes work for boys and girls. i.e.,  Dory is an easy one right now, too.
Regarding treat bags:
Clear cello treat bags are nice - can package cups, flatware and decorations in them. 
Ribbon for treat bags would be helpful.  ideas that might be utilitarian.....activity books, stickers, key chains, books, craft kits, markers, squeezy apple sauce, juice boxes, etc....


School Supplies 


Thank you so much for your generous donations for the start of the 2019/20 school year!  BPS101 purchased pre made supply boxes with Title One funds. CHIP IN received many generous donations of school supplies and backpacks.  Over 200 students received school supplies.   Parents were so grateful...tears and hugs, and smiles...THANK YOU!!!!!  

Bikes for Batavia

The Batavia Bicycle Commission works with several  groups to distribute donated bicycles to local students and families in need.  We also help other local service agencies, such as Lazarus House. CHIP IN and The Batavia Rotary Club  donated money in 2015, and Batavia Rotary Club donated $1,000 again in 2018, to get the progam started and to purchase needed bike parts and locks. The funds went toward the cost of inspections and repairs to get the donated bikes in working order and into the hands of the students/families.    The Commission works with CHIP IN Batavia to identify students/families with input from BPS principals, counselors and staff.  All Spoked Up is the drop off point for donated bikes.  They inspect, repair and fit each bike to its intended recipient.  Many local organziations such as the Batavia Woman's ClubImmanuel Lutheran Church and CHIP IN Batavia have helped to get the word out about the need for donated bikes.    Please contact the Batavia Bicycle Commission or CHIP IN Batavia with any questions.  They would love any donations of bikes in rideable condition, helmets and locks.  We also take training wheels, and bikes for special needs.  Thank you to Delnor Hospital for donating helmets in all sizes. 


So far the Bikes for Batavia prgram has distributed over 300  bikes to BPS101 students and  adults whose only transportation to work is a bicycle  We have worked with St. Vincent de Paul,  Lazarus House and ReHome Center to give bikes to people in other towns. If we get bikes that can not be fixed, we donate them to Working Bikes in Chicago, who fix/build bikes to send around the world to underdeveloped countries.


We are always looking for individuals, groups, churches, service agencies...anyone who wants to help!! You can always email us at


Want to Chip In?









For more information or to volunteer, contact us at:

CHIP IN Batavia

c/o Batavia Foundation for Educational Excellence

P.O. Box 1003

Batavia, IL  60510

See us on Facebook:

CHIP IN Batavia

and email us at:

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