CHIP IN Batavia---How we helped our families this summer...with help from our community!
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To support students who are in temporary or transitional housing situations or who are facing the obstacles of poverty in Batavia
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What did we do this summer?

  • Coordinated help for yard work and mulch donation for a family
  • Paid for football camps, gymnastic camps, babysitting camps, Camp Kaleidoscope, and more!
  • Provided quarry passes to families
  • Moved 2 families from homelessness into an apartment and had beds, bedding and household items delivered by ReHome Center
  • Provided clothing for several families; Thank you to the Clothes Closet for many donations!
  • Provided Aldi gift cards and gas cards for families
  • Had zoo passes and Great America passes donated for families
  • Got bikes for several students and parents through Bikes for Batavia (Batavia Bicycle Commission)
  • Paid for 5 students to attend summer school for both reading and math classes
  • School Supply Drive with help from Immanuel Lutheran, Congregational Church of Batavia, Batavia United Methodist Church, Bethany Lutheran Church,  VRW International and many generous individuals.  Thank you so much!  And it all started with our fabulous Batavia High School Marching Band.  They collected donations and organized the supplies and stuffed backpacks.  They completed 48 backpack in 45 minutes!
  • Made over 70  backpacks for students
  • Bought over 70 backpacks to use for next year at huge discounts!
  • Paid Football fees and gift card for football cleats
  • Provided pots and pans to a family from our Cuisinart Collection from Jewel 
  • Providing PE shirts for students in need
  • Sports Authority donated a$100 in gift cards
  • Ongoing help and support from our BHS Football Team- You are AWESOME!!!
Three Wonderful Stories to Share for the start of the school year!!

1. Four adorable kids arrived at Central Office with their aunt to pick up their backpacks.  They were so excited that they started to search through them in the lobby. "I have glitter!  I have markers!"  Lisa Palese, Director of Student Services and Homeless Liaison,  told them she  was so happy to see them so happy about school supplies.  They said Batavia was their favorite school district ever.  The 3rd grader said, "We have lived in 7 places and I have gone to 7 schools, and I'm REALLY excited to stay here."  This is their 2nd year in Batavia - and they are working hard to find a stable place. 

2. A family at 1 elementary said they have been following the Chip-IN site and looking for ways to help their child with Autism have more compassion for others. They asked if they could "adopt" a child and get them all set for school. They adopted a  family with a single dad, and they got his son a backpack, school supplies and a shiny new pair of shoes to start the year.  The single dad was soooooo appreciative and the family who adopted them was just as excited to help.  

3. A single mom and daughter, who are homeless, have moved from 1 family member’s home to another  apartment.  She is living with her sister's family in Batavia and hoping to move in to an apartment in October.  Once she gets settled in her own place, CHIP IN will  set her up with Re-Home Center to get beds, bedding and everything she needs in household items to get a new home in order.  She started crying on the phone when Lisa Palese told her this...she was very grateful.   

Fashions will be provided by White House Black Market and Special Occasions!

Batavia Woman's Club is a partner with CHIP IN Batavia.  They have adopted Rotolo Middle School and help with needs of their students.  They helped students clean out their lockers at the end of the school year, and collected unused school supplies to donate to students for this school year.  They help anytime and anywhere a need arises.  Thank you Batavia Woman's Club!!!
Batavia Apartment News
Honk when you see the new Batavia Apartment van around town, taking families to school events, food pantry, family outings and more.  These are happy kids who got to go on a field trip to Red Oak Nature Center! This summer, the van took residents to movies, parks, Northern IL Food Bank, U of I Extension, and the food pantry, just to name a few trips.

The Batavia Apartments is happy to announce that Nicole Sickafoose has been hired as the Resident Service Coordinator.  CHIP IN Batavia will work with Nicole to help students and families in need. Bikes for Batavia will work with Nicole to get bikes to residents in need of a bike for fun and/or transportation.  Welcome Nicole!!!
Ben Hejna, a BHS student, gave lessons
to a student at HCS. Then, he donated
his trombone to HCS!! Thank you Ben!!!

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