CHIP IN Batavia Update- September/October 2016
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Batavia Marching Band, for the 3rd year, spent several hours unboxing and sorting school supplies donated by the community, and stuffing backpacks using school supply lists.  We actually ran out of supplies before we had the 260 backpacks needed.  The Marching Band made about 150 backpacks.  We continued to fill backpacks for the next 2 weeks....the entire school administration got involved in helping!  We shopped, stuffed backpacks, and shopped some more for supplies.  Thank you to all the volunteers that helped fill backpacks and shop. We supported families at the Clothes Closet, BPS101, and the Batavia Apartments.  A huge thank you to individuals, businesses and churches that donated supplies, including:

VWR International
The Holmstad
Batavia Vikings Ring Lodge 
The Batavia Rotary Club
The Well
Congregational Church
Batavia United Methodist Church
Immanuel Lutheran
Bethany Lutheran Church


Birthday in a Bag is a new project....hoping to get people involved that want to do something fun to help our students in need.  This would be great for girl/boy scouts, or any group to work on together.  Any questions...just email us at
Principal Dr. Skomer is happy to accept birthday bags and distribute them to students on their birthdays!
A sample of what is in one of the Birthday in a Bags!  Use your creativity and have fun!!  Can have a theme, be more specific by age and boy/girl...whatever you want!
Bikes for Batavia needs kids bikes.  Please drop off gently used, in good working condition bikes to All Spoked Up in Batavia.  They will get them ready for our kids in need of a bike, helmet and lock!

This summer, CHIP IN purchased a 4-wheel bike at Sam's Club and All Spoked Up assembled it for a special needs student in Batavia.  THIS is one of the best things we have done, we think!  This student can have independence and FUN!!!

Need One, Take One project
Amy Girmscheid  started this program last year.  Boxes will be located throughout Batavia, at local spots and schools, containing hats, scarves, gloves and socks. Anyone in need or who just forgot something, can grab what they need. And, you can also drop off donations in these boxes anytime!  Last year's response was amazing! This year, they are in great need of children sizes for hats, gloves and socks.
Want more info or want to help? Visit their facebook page:
 Need One Take One Batavia
or email at:                               Donations can be dropped off anytime at Amy's home:
830 Blaine Street, Batavia (box on porch).  THANK YOU!


Each year Batavia Public Schools partners with Batavia United Way for the Christmas Adopt A Family program.  Thanks to the generosity of Batavians, 88 families were adopted last year. The families are selected by school counselors and those most in touch with the needs and situations of our school families.  Batavia United Way matches sponsors to Adopt them, coordinates wish lists, collection of donations and packaging for the families to pick up in time for the holidays. 
The Batavia Woman’s Club adds another special touch, so every child receives their own Christmas stocking filled with treats.  This translated into over 200 individual stockings last year! This has blossomed into a large undertaking and as such, we are asking for your help this year.  We are asking for bulk donations of:
*1# bags of individually wrapped Christmas chocolates
*Multi packs of lunch box size oreos, Teddy Grahams or cookies
*Multi packs of lunch box size goldfish or other crackers
*Multi packs of gum
*Multi packs of tic tacs
*Holiday candy in small packages, i.e. gummies, Mike and Ikes, other wrapped holiday candy
*Stocking size baby toys
Starting November 1, there will be a drop off  box at Rosalie Jones Administration Center, 335 W Wilson.   Donations will be collected and sorted into stockings.  If you have a group (scouts, youth group, church group, book club, neighborhood) that would like to do multiple stockings in their entirety, we would be incredibly grateful! Please contact NanPhillips at 
630-406-1212 or to coordinate!
The Batavia Woman’s Club looks forward to organizing the stocking piece of Christmas this year. The kids love finding them Christmas morning and the feedback we receive is tearful and grateful.  However you can help will be greatly appreciated!     

CHIP IN Batavia projects since May

Housing Search Project Underway 
We are always grateful for the day one of our families comes out of homelessness and into their own space to call home.
The hunt for affordable housing can be a difficult and frustrating one, especially for those who have struggled so much already. The families often turn to the Batavia Public Schools Outreach Coordinator, Amy Nelson and ask if she is aware of rentals that might be available. Ryan Fasshauer and Debbie Nelson have teamed up to stay on top of available properties, openings at area apartment complexes, costs, related schools etc. This info will be maintained on a google doc/excel type spreadsheet and they will keep it as current as possible so that overwhelmed families have a place to start looking.
If you are driving around town and see a “For Rent” yard sign, please take a picture of it and send with street info to   Thank you Ryan and Debbie for taking on this project.
Batavia Apartments Parenting Pilot Program 
This summer, Chip In funded a pilot program by Changing Children’s Worlds, a nonprofit located in Geneva.
This was a program to help parents learn coping mechanisms and  parenting strategies among other skills while their kids
attended the on property summer camp. Enrollment was low and inconsistent however, those who attended gained valuable


Keeping Our bitty Bulldogs  War
ECC  has outdoor play areas and academic activities where students use the outdoors for exploratory play and academic learning.  Many of our low income students do not consistently bring sufficient winter attire (snowpants and winter boots) to school, therefore limiting their level of participation.  CHIP IN will provide snowpants and boots to keep in the building so these students can always join their peers in exploratory activities throughout the winter. The items would remain at school.   

Batavia Apartments Trunk or Treat 
This fun activity is back for a second year since the first was so well received and so much fun for all.  Instead of getting rides to other neighborhoods or trick or treating
in the apartment complex, The Batavia Lions Club organized Trunk or Treat and will do so again this year.  Cars line up in a long row, trunks are popped open and the kids trick or treat at the back of the cars
which are loaded with goodies.  If you are interested in providing a “host car” and treats, just send a message to Lori Wilson at:

Wired for Math Mentor Program

This new program will fund an after school program for an activity bus and  2 instructors to help up to 18 students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade with math homework or practice for math...geared towards students who don't have outside school support or who do not have internet access at home.

Rent Scholarship Program

We gave out our first rent scholarship to a family who has been homeless for 2 years, and finally moving into their own home!!!!

Updating our Resource Directory
Thank you to Sara May for updating our BPS101 Resource Directory, with over 25 pages of resource information in English and Spanish for our families.

Other Projects and Donations
Helped with summer camps, quarry passes, football cleats, Cheer team clothes and coaching, gas cards, gift cards, clothes, Pace bus passes, car repair.

Paid for 2 boys to join Boy Scouts

Donated PE shirts to BHS for students; received 5 free PE shirts from Johnni Zabka of you!

Paid for 8 students for busing to ECC

Collected musical instruments from our community to use at HCS: Flute, trombone, 2 violins, viola, and a clarinet

Thank you GMW PTO for your generous donation of $1,000 in June!

Received donations from Funway and Pal Joey's to give to families for a fun night out!

Received free gas cards from BP Pride, and discount cards for 20 cents off per gallon to give to families

Moved 2 families into apartments
with Welcome Basket and  Furniture; soon there will be a third!

Some awesome stories
*A huge thank you to Brent Norkus, a BHS student, who has been tutoring a student for the past year, meeting them at the library or in their home, to help with homework.  He was not paid, he contacted us and asked how he could really help a student and make a difference.  Brent, you did make a HUGE difference...thank you for your time, kindness and for being the kind of student and young man we all hope our kids will be.  
 * TriCity Family Services contacted CHIP IN a few weeks ago, asking for help for a St. Charles student that is a client.  She needed clothes.  They did not know who to ask in St. Charles, so they asked us.  We posted it on facebook, and within a day, we had 6 people offer to donate clothes and 1 offered to take the girl shopping!  TCFS was amazed and so grateful....they called CHIP IN their fairy angel!

*Kiwanis was beginning to work on the Birthday in a Bag project, when a member from St. Charles Kiwanis Club donated $500 worth of themed invitations, napkins, plates, party bags, decorations and party favors--thank you Tracey Armenakis from Taylor Rental Party Plus!!
The same week, Batavia High School Key Club offered to help make Birthday Bags.  Sue Bauer of Kiwanis in Batavia will deliver all the donations to BHS Key Club to use to make bags!  How awesome how this all worked out!!!!

*Furniture Dollies donated a beautiful dresser, painted in the child's favorite color.  They grew out of it, and the father brought the dresser back to Furniture Dollies, in hopes they could give it to another child in need!  How kind is that!

We received a thank you note from ReHome Center for paying for some box springs that were needed by families.  They heard back from a mother who got a bed for her daughter.  The mom sent a photo of the bed all made up with the following comments:  "Thanks for the bed for my daughter. She is so happy and sleeping well now, which helps with her anxiety.  Just wanted to thank you so much.  Haven't seen my daughter this happy in a long time.  It's like I got my daughter back.  She lives in her room now and she's keeping it clean!  Even making her bed...something she never does."
Brent Norkus spends time tutoring a student at the Batavia Public Library.  He came to CHIP IN and asked how he could help and really make a difference...and he has!  Thank you Brent!
Keho from Park and Sons (left) and Collin Fabian from ReHome Center (right).
Keho has helped repair their truck, and has given big discounts to CHIP IN for car repairs for several families.  Collin, his friend and family pick up and deliver furniture to many local service agency's clients, including CHIP IN Batavia.  THANK YOU!
A HUGE thank you to the BHS Cheer Team for donating a car load of supplies to fill these baskets!  CHIP IN also purchases items for these Welcome Baskets, that are delivered when a family moves into their own home.  Items include:  dish towels, dish cloths, hand soap, shampoo, body soap, paper towels, toilet paper, disinfecting wipes, laundry soap, small tool kit, Pal Joey's gift certificate, bath towels, shower curtain, cleaning supplies. Thank you Pal Joey's and the BHS Cheer Team!!
Ideas for CHIP IN Volunteering
We post current needs and often looking for gently used donations of clothes, sports items, and furniture.  We also have a website:
*Help organize and work prom drive which will be 1 day at the Batavia Public Library in late February or early March (pick up dresses from Zano; organize at Library; work/set up event at library; promote)
*Donate musical instruments not being used anymore. 
*Pick up food from Pantry monthly to deliver to families in need who are without a car
*Food collection drive for Friday Backpacks; work with Fox Valley Christian church who makes backpacks every week- work with any groups who want to collect food
*Help find dishes, pots and pans (stock is almost gone from Jewel stamp program)
*Make bags for Birthday in a Bag program (flyer with info on facebook and website and at admin center)
*Help collect school supplies/make complete school backpacks for next year: will be working with churches and groups to collect specific items each month to build inventory of supplies to make backpacks for next year.  Will make about 100-150. So January may be folders, February may be post it flags, etc.
*Report on any rentals you see in town (we have 2 volunteer coordinators to organize and track rentals on ongoing basis.)
*Start a gift card collection (a few churches did this and collected over 70, $10 gift cards)
*Drop off gently used bicycles to All Spoked Up to be given away after they are cleaned and fitted
*Donate Valentine’s Cards in January at any elementary school for kids who cannot buy them for their classmates
*Donate gently used/clean Halloween costumes – drop off at Congregational Church, now until Oct. 3.  They will organize them and bring them to the Clothes Closet (you can  drop them off there after Oct 3), where families can shop for free. You can also drop off costumes at the Batavia Apartment business office through October.
*There is often a big lost and found at each school around Christmas and end of school year with nice items-Looking for volunteers to pick up the items in December and May and wash them and give them to the clothes closet. 
*Hope to do a book drive soon, so please save books for younger kids.  And unused coloring books/crayons
*Check facebook and website in October for ideas to help for the holidays
*Donate household items and supplies for the Giving Tree at the Batavia Apartments.  Collection boxes are at Congregational Church, Immanuel Lutheran, and Batavia United Methodist Church.
“The Giving Tree Program
On the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month, the residents of the Batavia Apartments are able to visit the room one time per month to fill out a request list.  They are awarded points based on their apartment/family size and can use those points to trade in for items that are not covered by food stamps at the store.  Most items are 1 point with the exception of larger items, diapers and laundry detergent.  To empower the residents further, if they participate in other programs or volunteer for the Resident Service Coordinator, they can earn extra points for the program.
Needs List for the Giving Tree Room
-       Liquid hand soap
-       Liquid dish soap
-       Paper plates/cups
-       Pine sol (or any other brand of multi-purpose cleaner)
-       Full sized conditioner bottles
-       Paper Towel rolls
-       Paper napkins
-       Garbage Bags
-       Laundry Detergent         (the 32-46 load bottles, or “pods” are preferred)
-       Hand sanitizer
-       Ziploc bags – all sizes
-       Diapers all sizes
-       Garbage Bags
-·      Bathroom Cleaner
      -       All Purpose Spray Cleaner (i.e. Kitchen cleaner/disinfectant)
      -       Kleenex    
      -       Body wash
      -       Body Lotion
      -       Toilet Paper
      -       Clorox/Antibacterial cleaning wipes
**Bolded items most in need. 

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