Need One, Take One

Starting for the 2nd year, boxes will be located throughout Batavia, at local spots and schools, containing hats, scarves, gloves and socks. Anyone in need or who just forgot something, can grab what they need. And, you can also drop off donations in these boxes anytime!  Last year's response was amazing! This year, they are in great need of children sizes for hats, gloves and socks.
Want more info or want to help? Visit their facebook page:
 Need One Take One Batavia
or email at:                              
Donations can be dropped off anytime at:
830 Blaine Street, Batavia (box on porch).  THANK YOU!



For those who want to get involved with a project, here is a new one!  Birthday in a Bag.  We want to provide a bag of treats to local students to help them enjoy a birthday party on their special day.  Every elementary school is supporting this, and will distribute bags to the students.  Happy to answer questions.  We are looking for complete bags, labeled for a boy or girl, and can have a theme if you choose...please label what the theme is. (We do have people who have offered to put together complete bags, decorations and all, if anyone wants to donate individual items to them....just email us!)  We hope this is a fun project to work on, and we know it will be a fun gift for our kids to receive.  THANK YOU!  YOU CAN DROP BAGS OFF AT ANY ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.



Some helpful hints from those who have made several:
*bright colors  with simple treat bags work for boys and girls 
*Suggestions for boys-  Sports, super heroes, cars/trucks/trains, Star Wars
*Animal themes work for boys and girls. i.e.,  Dory is an easy one right now, too.
Regarding treat bags:
Clear cello treat bags are nice - can package cups, flatware and decorations in them. 
Ribbon for treat bags would be helpful.  ideas that might be utilitarian.....activity books, stickers, key chains, books, craft kits, markers, squeezy apple sauce, juice boxes, etc....

 School Supplies 2016/2017


Thank you so much for your generous donations to our supply drive.  We had donations from churches, businesses, service groups and individuals.  A shout out to VWR International, The Holmstad, Congregational Church, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Batavia United Methodist Church, The Well. The Batavia Rotary, Vikings, and so many more!  We made about 260 backpacks to help students in BPS101 as well at Batavia Township.  Parents were so grateful...tears and hugs, and smiles...THANK YOU!!!!!  





Donations -  2016- THANK YOU for your kindness and generosity!!


Appolo Development & Investment, LLC

Batatia Woman's Club

Batavia Township

Batavia Mother's Club


Batavia Fire Department

Batavia Police Department

Congregational Church of Batavia

BP Pride

Batavia Rotary

Immanuel Lutheran Church

Batavia United Methodist Church

Bet\hany Lutheran Church

Calvary Episcopal Church

Batavia Covenant Church

Batavia Vikings Ring Lodge #18

Tanya Albers/DoughNation Bakery

Prairie State Packaging

RMS 7th graders


Pal Joey's


McDonald's Walkers and Talkers Club

Fox Valley Orthopedics

First State Bank

VWR International


Rebekah Pircon

Deanna Modaff


Zano Salon and Spa

Mike Burke

Paramount Theatre

Ann Drover

BHS Cheer Team

Shear Ambition Hair Salon/Freddy Martinez

Patricia Novak

Pat Stare

May Wang

Jeff Robinson

Karen Holden

Amber Gillio

Kelly Yee

Mary and Virden Von Qualen

Matthew Thomas

Kristen Hett

Laura Michells

Ryan Fasshauer

John Martzel

Julie Monk

Judy Huddleston

Richard Barton

Samuel Bartels

Sandy Marakaitis

1st Baptist Church of Geneva

1st Congregational Church of Geneva


Alan and Sheila Morgan

Amy Smith

Andrea William

Angela Merritt

Ann Hejna

Baird and Warner

Anne and Joe Purpura 

Anne Rudd

Batavia Bunco Babes

CrossFit OLAF

Crystal Louden

Katherine Weaver

Yuru Hard

David and Laurie Lundborg

David and Cindy Morgan

Dawn Pratt

Dean Alan Design

Deb Ditchman

Diane Schultz

Donald Scharbert

Douglas and Stephanie Bery

Dr. Szdelko

Ellen Stewart

Eric Poliarskis

Jeanne Fornari

Joan Vick

Kathleen Wolf

Julie Howard

Kristi Parrott

Mary Grant

Mary Waterson

Matt Zagoren

Helen Kennedy

Howard and Harriet Bernstein

Monica Hess

Nancy Wolford

Nancy Gamble

Nikki Rousseau

Sabrina Martin

Sarah Stepina

Susan Dienslake

Suzanne Fruendt

Drs. Crosby, Martin and Kolinski

Taylor Rental Party Plus

Teresa Vongphakdy

Virginia Karstens


Many people who donated prom dresses, gift cards and clothes through facebook requests!

Backpack/School SupplyCollection Drive Beginning Soon!

Together with BPS101, CHIP IN Batavia, Batavia Marching Band, The Well, Immanuel Lutheran, and many local community members, we are again collecting school supplies to help every student in need.  We are also working with Batavia Clothes Closet to make sure we reach every child in need.  The Well is working with the Batavia Apartments.  We will have a complete list of items needed very soon. 

Welcome Home Baskets all ready to go!  

With the help of BHS Cheer team, we collected oodles of items to make Welcome Home Baskets to give families when they move into their own home. Thank you Anne Rudd for your work and creativity to make these!  They include:

A shower curtain and liner, laundry basket, set of towels and wash cloths, hooks for shower curtain, paper towels, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, laundry soap, toothbrushes, toothpaste, dish soap, dish towels, dish wash cloths, hammer and nails, measuring tape, coupon from Pal Joey;s for a free pizza for the family, and more!  Thank you Cheer Team and Pal Joey's!


PROM DRESS DRIVE is over- thank you for donating over 100 dresses!!!  We had a good turnout and looking for ways to improve it for next year!  Next year, the drive will be at the Batavia Public Library in late Feb or early March.


Summer 2016 Newsletter:    


Summer 2016 Newsletter.html
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Click below to see our new Fall 2015 newsletter 

Spring 2015 Newsletter
Chip In 2015 Spring Newsletter.pdf
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winter newsletter 2015.pdf
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Spring 2014 Newsletter for CHIP IN Batavia
newsletter May-June 2014.pdf
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CHIP IN winter newletter (1).pdf
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Benji's Barking Lot Chipped In for us!

Cathy Barrett of Benji's Barking Lots (dog grooming) in Batavia collected donations for CHIP IN and offered donors a free nail trimming for their dogs for October and November.  Donations included monetary donations, non perishable food, toiletry items, and cleaning supplies.   Thank you so much Cathy!

Collected Cuisinart For Families in Need

We  collected stamps and pots/pans you get with your stamps, and will give them to families in need.  Thank you for all your support..t we were able to get 37 pieces, thanks to all of the support from our great town!!!  We still have a few more full books of stamps, but Jewel ran out and promised they will get us the pots and pans to finish using these books!

6 – 2 quart pour saucepans with covers

4 – 3 quart pour saucepans with covers

7 – 6 quart stockpots with covers

6 – 13.5” lasagna/roasting pans

3 – 12” everyday pans with dome covers

4 – 8” skillets

7 – 12” skillets



Accomplishments- Homeless/Reduced or Free Lunch Program- Oct. 2013-November



  • Coordinated help for yard work and mulch donation for a family

  • Paid for football camps, gymnastic camps, babysitting camps, Camp Kaleidoscope, and more!

  • Provided quarry passes to families

  • Moved 2 families from homelessness into an apartment and had beds, bedding and household items delivered by ReHome Center

  • Provided clothing for several families; Thank you to the Clothes Closet for many donations!

  • Provided Aldi gift cards and gas cards for families

  • Had zoo passes and Great America passes donated for families

  • Got bikes for several students and parents through Bikes for Batavia (Batavia Bicycle Commission)

  • Paid for 5 students to attend summer school for both reading and math classes

  • School Supply Drive with help from Immanuel Lutheran, Congregational Church of Batavia, Batavia United Methodist Church, Bethany Lutheran Church,  VRW International and many generous individuals.  Thank you so much!  And it all started with our fabulous Batavia High School Marching Band.  They collected donations and organized the supplies and stuffed backpacks.  They completed 48 backpack in 45 minutes!

  • Made over 70  backpacks for students

  • Bought over 70 backpacks to use for next year at huge discounts!

  • Paid Football fees and gift card for football cleats

  • Provided pots and pans to a family from our Cuisinart Collection from Jewel 

  • Providing PE shirts for students in need

  • Sports Authority donated a$100 in gift cards

  • Ongoing help and support from our BHS Football Team- You are AWESOME!!!

*Coordinated a donation of a van from a Batavia family, for a family in great need with the help of Congregational Church
* Paid for prom ticket for 1 student
* Gas cards for a family who lost their home
* Busing for ECC student at BA for remainder of year

* Clothes for LWS students
* Football cleats for 2 RMS students
* Snacks at all the schools- Thanks to the Food Pantry
* Target card for BHS student
* Received $,2500 from a foundation to use for after school paraprofessional at HCS
* Working to fund summer school for at least 10 students to take math and reading
* Working with Batavia Park District to help fund Jr. Bulldog Football Camp
* Gave out 4 laptops to students-all donated and repaired by staff member’s husband
*Prepaid phone minutes and gas card for homeless family
* Bought Ensure for mom with cancer
* Paid for testing for Karate for 4 students
* Donated dresser from Furniture Dollies for a student in need
* Donated beds for 4 families, and all bedding from ReHome Center, moving from homelessness into apartments!
*ReHome delivered 7 beds, bedding, and bed frames to families moving out of homelessness
* Fundraising dinners- Tickets donated to families in need for Fay’s BBQ for Boy Scout’s and Spaghetti Dinner for Kiwanis
* Pal Joey’s is donating 2 gift certificates/month to families in need
* Donated 25 ear buds to RMS (Batavia Woman’s Club)
* Donated gift cards to family in need (Batavia Woman’s Club)
* Paid $465 for a car repair for family in need; Park and Sons did the repairs at a reduced cost to CHIP IN (Woman’s Club and CHIP IN)
* Gas and Target gift cards for family who lost their home

*Paid for correspondence class so a senior could graduate
*A LOT of  clothing items for students at every school:    Shoes, hats, gloves, boots, scarves, jeans, shirts, snowsuits.  *Helped with Aldi gift certificates, household items,    toiletries
*Supplied housegoods and bedding for 3 families to move  to an apartment  
*Repaired 3 cars and paid for 1 car registration/sticker
*Got families possessions out of storage
*Holiday gifts, fresh produce, xmas stockings  2013
*Worked with United Way for Christmas adopt a family  2013
*Got 5 laptops to 3 BHS students and 2 RMS student
*Find tutors at HWS, JBN and BA
*Working with BFAC to give tickets to touring series to  families for free for evening out

*Working with Batavia Food Pantry to supply snacks to all  schools, as well as help from Clothes Closet for any  clothing needs of families
*2 fundraisers at O'Sole Mio- raised over $4,000
*Got 4 beds for family who had a fire; also collected 8 bins  of clothes and toys for them
*Got help from Batavia Football team to move beds  and furniture

*Provide gas cards,Aldi cards and Kohls and Target to  specific families/students in need

*Helped find free classes for HWS Students: Wituk  Martial Arts, Prairie Gymnastics, TriCity Soccer, Batavia  Youth Baseball, Batavia Park District
*Ran a Prom Dress Drive with Zano in 2014---collected  over 100 dresses and helped 25 girls get dresses for prom  and/or 8th grade dinner dance
*Collected and distributed donated books to elementary  schools to give to students

*Working with husband of a teacher to help repair computers at  BA or that are donated

*Working with Bicycle Commission on Bikes for Batavia:  Batavia Rotary donated $750 to repair bikes -  collect/repair/fit bikes for students and adults in need-  given over 75  bikes out so far- many to BPS students and  their parents

*Raised $4100 in August Rummage Sale
*Helped with household items and clothing expenses for  family whose mom had cancer
*Helped pay for Enrichment K for 3 students - One is  homeless
*Target gift cards for 2 kids who moved from transitional  housing to Hesed House in summer
*Quarry passes for family living at Hesed House this  summer
*Collecting Jewel stamps for Cuisinart pots and pans
*Purchased over the counter medicines for caretaker of  student with cancer and clothes for her and student
*Aldi and gas cards for BHS senior graduating early with  dad in hospital with canger/chemo
*Collected bed, 3 dressers, desk/hutch and clothes for  homeless family moving into apartment
*Collected and delivered baby clothes and furniture/high  chair/accessories to family at Lorlyn
*Aldi and target cards for student in need of hygiene items
*Gas cards for family with serious illness in family
*Collected clothes for twins 
*Collected clothes for little girl 
*Providing snacks for Title 1 after school programs
 *Have small  storage space for donations at RJAC
*Working with churches: United Methodist Church,  Immanuel Lutheran, Congregational Church, to help  students at Lorlyn and BA
*Working with Simonian family to collect winter coats and  do a fundraiser
*Helped  student with sick father with gas cards and Aldi  Cards
*Payed for busing for 4 students to attend early childhood  preschool
*Coordinated donation of 10 boxes of books to schools  from JBN Girl Scout troop
*Tablet for 5th grader 
*Many Winter Coats for students!
*Trombone donated for  student who  wanted one and free  lessons by BHS student!
*Shampoo for family with lice
*Helped a mom whose husband was arrested, with food  and gas cards
*Got over $5,000 worth of educational items from The  Scholarship Store
*Helped UW in 2014 with 72 adopt a families: Household  bags, fresh produce; over 100 stockings
*Collected pots and pans with Jewel Stickers- got 37
*Partnering with ReHome Center in Geneva to send and  get donated furniture

*HCS- Coordinated food boxes for families for winter  break for over 35 families
*Coordinated Shop with a Cop--10 students shoped with  police officers and could spend $100 from a Walmart  donation

*Found 3 beds for family who is homeless from ReStore  Center

*Paid for car repairs at Park and Sons for family in need

*Coordinate many donations from community to students  in need, including a dresser painted a special color donated  to a girl from Furniture Dollies

CHIP IN work August 2015 and on
Fixed a car for working mom who just moved from a shelter
Gas cards for BHS student so they can participate in after school sports team
Delivered food for a family
Bikes for 2  BHS students
Bikes for 2 RMS students
Bikes for JBN students
Got 40 coats and 6 snow pants from ReHome to Clothes Closet
Snacks for BHS and RMS
Tire fixed and car towed so mom can get to work
2 new tires
Car repairs
Vacuum for mom
Beds for several family
Phone and phone card for BHS student
Phone card for RMS mom
Rainboots for RMS student
Clothes and gc for 2 BHS girls
Help with Halloween costumes
Helped  2  RMS cheerleaders for participation costs and required clothes/shoes
Paid fees for RMS Wrestling
Paid for college application fees for a BHS student
Tuition and busing for 10 preschoolers to attend AGS Early Childhood Center
Paid for 2+ months of after school care for Elem student so single dad can stay at work
New gym shoes for girl who is homeless and special needs
Gas Cards
Arrange Food Pantry delivery to home bound mom
Help with field trip costs at RMS for several students
Aldi gift cards to help families along with the  Food Pantry



Together Zano’s Salon and Spa and our community collected 100 prom dresses giving us a supply of 200 .We gave out 30 prom dresses to girls in Batavia and surrounding towns, and gave 25 short dresses to RMS for the 8th grade dinner dance.  Next year, the prom drive will be held at the Batavia Public Library. 
Helped with tuxedo for 1 BHS student

Helped 3 students with gas cards to get home from after school activities.

CHIP IN purchased  8th grade dinner dance clothes including shirts, ties, and belts as requested by RMS Counselors.  

We paid for end of the year RMS field trips for 9 students.

We helped several families with clothes, food, over the counter medicines, and Pace bus passes.

CHIP IN paid for busing for 3 students for 1/2 the year, so the mom could leave home on time for work.

We are helping to find instruments for 4th graders who want to be part of the music program in 5th grade- Looking for 2 bases, 2 flutes, a violin, trombone and viola.  We have a cello and clarinet donated so far.

Gas and Aldi cards to many families- some very, very
difficult situations 

Bikes were provided to  students to get to summer jobs; over 28 bikes were ready for students/parents for the Bikes For Batavia giveaway day on May 28th
Working on buying 3-wheeled bike for a student with Downs Syndrome

CHIP IN  is paying for summer camp for students who live at Batavia Apartments lead by teacher Greg Fink - camp will be at HWS and at Batavia Apartments and the van will be used to drive students

CHIP IN is funding  summer camps for several students; also, quarry passes; boy scouts, dance classes, and football camps 

ReHome provided a clothes washer and dryer  for a Batavia family, and a local service group, HELP,  installed it at no charge.

Three families were able to receive all the comforts of home thanks to ReHome Center.They delivered furniture, including bedding, beds, dressers, headboard, toddler beds,  kitchen tables and chairs, and more. And they always offer for the walls, toys for chidren...they are wonderful. 

CHIP IN is part of a group in Batavia working to find solutions to PREVENT homelessness.  Group includes members from many local churches, Lazarus House, Batavia Food Pantry, Clothes Closet, BPS101, Batavia Township, and Batavia Apartments

We bought 12 Chromebooks for RMS and HWS paraprofessionals to use to help their low income students.
CHIP IN connected a kind community member who had a car to donate, with one of our hardworking single moms in need of a car to get to work.  

Cadence Health donated 45 bike helmets to students in need. They donated booster seats for the van purchased by CHIP IN, BFEE and many other churches and group.  And they are doing bike safety classes at Batavia Apartments this summer.


Accomplishments/Projects: Batavia Apartments
*Helped with summer end of the year picnic- jumpy  trampoline rented, BHS students led camps and BHS  football team trophy there
*Worked on summer camps and structured play at BA
*Continue to find  tutors for  BA
*Furnished an apartment that only had 1 mattress pad on

 floor with couch, tables/chairs, bed, dressers
*Offered to pay for GED classes if single moms complete  the course
*Repair and update 4 computers in resource room at BA
*Worked with BPS101 to get buses to pick up 13 boys for *Junior Bulldog Football Camp; worked with BPD/BPD  Foudation
*Batavia Football team moved furniture into an apartment
*Purchased 10 chairs for Resource Room and buying 2  tables
*Communicate with Sarah on  regular basis when  furniture, classes, tickets to events available
*Paid for mats at Karate room on site; found mirrors for  walls; helping to pay for all testing and Federation  memberships

*Worked with Home Depot and HWS to bring a wood- working project to students after school at the Apartments

*Congregational Church, Immanuel Lutheran and Batavia United Methodist Church are collecting personal care items for families, since food stamps do not cover these items

*Coordinated efforts of churches, BPS101 and community  members to collect money to buy a 12 passenger van for  the Apartments to own, and use to drive residents to  school activities, doctor appointments, shopping, food  


pantry/clothes closet, library, etc.




Bikes for Batavia

The Batavia Bicycle Commission works with several other groups to distribute donated bicycles to local students and families in need.  The Batavia Rotery Club  donated $750 in 2015 toward the cost of inspections and repairs to get the donated bikes in working order and into the hands of the students/families.  CHIP IN Batavia has donated over $1,000.  The Commission works with CHIP IN Batavia to identify students/families who get input from BPS principals, counselors and staff.  All Spoked Up is the drop off point for donated bikes.  They inspect, repair and fit each bike to its intended recipient.  Many local organziations such as the Batavia Women's ClubImmanuel Lutheran Church and CHIP IN Batavia have helped to get the word out about the need for donated bikes.  Klem Uhl, a local man who collects and repairs bikes  donated many bikes to the Bikes for Batavia program. More funding will be needed to inspect and repair bikes.  CHIP IN Batavia will continue funding this program  but we are grateful for any donations!   Please contact the Batavia Bicycle Commission or CHIP IN Batavia.


So far the Bikes for Batavia prgram has distributed over 200  bikes to BPS101 students and several working adults whose only transportation to work is a bicycle  We have worked with St. Vincent de Paul to find bikes for a married couple who have no car to get their jobs. Below is an email from Sarah Perez, the Batavia Apartments' Resident Service Coordinator, who is helping us identify students and adults who are in need of bicycles to get to work or shopping:


"I have to tell you how happy he is!!  He just got back from getting his bike and he called me to ask me to come out and see it.  They even gave him a bike lock.  Amazing.  He is so very happy about it. He has been walking to work, and  now he can look for a second job since he can go farther.  He said that when he was not working he felt bad about himself, but he feels proud now.  Thank you for making this happen for him.  Thank you again, the bike went to a good man who neded and will greatly benefit from it."



New Volunteers

We are always looking for individuals, groups, churches, service agencies...anyone who wants to help!! You can always email us at


Want to Chip In?

For more information or to volunteer, fill out our contact form.


CHIP IN Batavia

c/o Batavia Foundation for Educational Excellence

P.O. Box 1003

Batavia, IL  60510


See us on Facebook:

CHIP IN Batavia


and email us at:

We help families move from temporary housing to their own apartments, provide warm clothing,  school supplies and many other things to help a student succeed. We help students and their families  on a case by case basis to make sure students are ready and excited to learn and thrive.We work directly with BPS101 to help with mentor projects and other activities that help students on free/reduced lunch or who are in temporary housing.

For information on how to participate, please contact us.

Please see our News and Events page for an update on all the accomplishments we have made together!!



Bikes for Batavia:



We need KIDS bicycles that are in rideable condition- All Spoked Up repairs them for kids and adults who need a bike.  Thank you Batavia!!  We can also use  locks and and  new helmets, training wheels too--If you have any of these, please drop them off at All Spoked Up, 3 Webster St., Batavia.  We are working with All Spoked Up, the

Batavia Bicycle Commission, and Batavia Rotary Club. They are given to students and adults in need of transportation for school, work and shopping. CHIP IN helps identify students in need and  contributes  funds for repairs.

 Thank You!









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